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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Captain of our Ship

a repost from February, 2014:

All this busy-ness and I don't want to forget to tell you that we celebrated the Mister all weekend earlier this month. He is getting more handsome, successful and fit by the moment. Brilliant! He will read this, deny it all and suggest that he IS getting funnier. That last bit is up for debate.

If I weren't so busy swooning I'd be jealous.

Of all the many wonderful things (lots of them under-celebrated) he does for his adoring family, one from last year surely will stand out for years to come.

On our farewell tour of Europe (which was an incredibly precious week), the Mister rented us a boat. To sail the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Sicily. And he stayed out on the water all day, relenting to cheers of "let's not go back" until our cheeks were rosy and bellies were empty. That day may very well forever be his Best Dad Adventure.

He may never again be able to pull off such perfect bliss. But that doesn't keep us from eagerly going on a hike in Nashville or seemingly endless road trip across the US or make any of our train trips throughout the UK less memorable. He's charting the course with a steady hand and a full heart.

That one glittering day on the water with the Mister at the helm. Our moving worries and fears stowed and the sun shining extra bright on us all. Peaceful. Playful. Happy. Content.

So happy another year to our favorite guy. My original lovey. The instigator of all of our best fun and worldwide adventures, too.

For always steering our ship so well.

Hooray and love always. From your entire crew.


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