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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Bowled Over. With Kids

This morning found me doing a little networking at Pinewood Social. Do you know it? Nashville's hippest bowling alley, amazing restaurant, coffee bar (Crema!) and bar that readily serves up Pimm's cups. My kind of spot.

I'm not alone. The kids love Pinewood, too. One morning this summer I took 3/4 of them on a surprise bowling outing. It was a delight. The staff treated us with the same warm welcome they surely give uber important business types. Maybe even more so. They graciously offered up hot chocolate and ball ramps, which they might neglect to offer to grown ups.

I sort of hesitate to share this secret because I'm eager to take the kids back soon and often. But there ARE four lanes. Go when you get a chance. All hours. All ages (credit to the 9.30 club's "All Ages All the Time" policy).

As much as it is the season for us all to get back to work, I couldn't help missing my little people today as I sipped coffee and traded business cards. We're all so happy the LONG weekend is almost upon us.

These strikers absolutely bowl me over.  xo

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